Download Caller's Companion

Demo/Trial Version - Limited to 50 dances entered

Caller's Companion is self-running and does not require any other software to run. The un-registered download is fully functional and has no time-limit but will be limited to 50 dances entered. To remove this limit, purchase a license key for your copy of Caller's Companion by using the "Register Now" button in the Help menu or clicking the Purchase link above.

Last updated 22 Feb 2020 - version 1.2b30)

Note: Caller's Companion Version 1.2 and higher are compatable with FileMaker Go for iPad, available free from the App Store. Always use the most recent version of FileMaker Go.

Caller's Companion for Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Caller's Companion for Windows 7 or higher


Mac Users - special notes due to recent Mac security changes in Mojave and Catalina

1) Version 1.2b30 and higher will now download as a disk image or .dmg format. Double-click the .dmg file to "mount" it on your Desktop (it will appear like a flash drive) and then drag the Demo folder to your desktop. Double-click the app file to launch.

2) If you receive a message of "CallersCompanion2.USR file not found", quit and do the following:

  • Click *once* to highlight the CallersCompanion2.USR file
  • Go to File > Get Info...
  • Under "Open With..." select ""
  • Click the "Change All..." button just below "Open With..."
  • Try launching again. If you still get the message, try dragging the USR file on top of the app file. Please let me know if you continue to have problems with this, I'm trying to resolve it.

File > Get Info... dialog

Explanation: Apple now requires all downloaded apps to be digitally "signed" by a registered Apple Developer. This new disk image (dmg) is properly signed and WILL open under Catalina, but there seems to be a small issue with associating the USR data file with the app. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. ( 22 Feb 2020)

Windows users - if you get a message that Windows does not know what Program to open CallersCompanion2.USR with, try the following: Highlight the CallersCompanion2.USR file, right-click and choose "Properties". Under Properties select "Open with..." and then in the selection dialog navigate to your CallersCompanion folder and select the CallersCompanion2.exe file. The Properties dialog may show this as "FileMaker Runtime" but that's OK. If double-clicking still doesn't open your copy of CC, try dragging and dropping the USR file onto the Program (.exe) file to force it to open using the program file.

For Android users, I'm sorry that for the moment I will only be able to offer CC for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Thanks for your interest in and support of Caller's Companion!


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