Caller's Companion™ Database for Dance Callers

Screen Tour of Caller's Companion

Below are the main screens. For a full introduction, see the Intro Movie.

Dance Entry

Note the "Insert Call" area. Each phrase is actually a button. In the Admin area you enter a label and entry text for each button (so it's completely customizable to your preferred notation style - I like mine verbose). The you click each button in order to enter the dance. And yes, you can edit it afterwards, so if you click "B&S-P" is might enter "(16) Partner balance and swing" but you could change it to "Partner gypsy and swing (16)" or simply "Gyp P and Sw", whatever your preferred notation.

The links in the "Source Area" (lower right) are clickable and will open a browser to the Source text or video clip entered. The "Related Dances" area lets you link one dance to another. There are also functions for "Duplicate Dance", "Duplicate Set" and copy (formatted) dance to clipboard so you can paste it into an email.


Past Sets - Calling History of a Dance

The Dance "Set List" view shows all the events that this dance has been called at. The "Add to a Set" tab, allows you to add this dance to a selected Set that you are building, similar to the function available in "Sets".


Set List Creation

Use Dance Filter/Selector on the Right to find dances by name, author, type, formation, progression or level, and then add them to Set List on the left. Dances can be moved up or down in the list and can be marked as "ALT" so you can have an alternate dance in the list if you need to decide at the time of the dance whether the level is appropriate.


Programming Matrix

Similar to the Programming Matrix at the back of Larry Jenning's "Give & Take", this screen (and printed report) shows you which of up to 32 dance "elements" are in each dance in your Set List. A recent revision also highlights the first element in each dance. (Note:This function depends on the "Elements" checklist for each dance being properly marked).


On-screen calling

A view with large type for calling directly from a laptop (designed with Linda Leslie in mind)


Dance Authors Screen

Not a primary user screen but there if you want it. You can also search by author in the main Dances screen.


Printed Dance

This is one of many formats available. They include two to a page, index cards, etc.


Printed Set List Example

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