Using CC on an iDevice

Running Callers Companion on an iPad or other iOS device

Caller's Companion's is built using the FileMaker Pro database development environment and can be run on Apple iOS devices such as the iPad as well as both Windows and Macintosh computers (sorry, no Android or Chrome option at this time). All features and screens of Caller's Companion can be used on an iPad and a limited set of features - primarily Search and Display - are available on smaller devices like an iPhone or iPod.

To run CC on an iOS device, you need to download "FileMaker Go" from the App Store on your device. FileMaker Go is a free app. Do this first before preceeding to the next step.

Getting your Dances on your iOS device

The most confusing part of using CC with an iOS device is how to get your dances onto it. Below are the over-complicated but recommended steps for doing so, using iTunes on a connected computer. The process is the same for an iPhone or iPod.

The most important thing to know is that ALL of your dance data resides in your CallersCompanion2.USR file. All you need to use CC on your iPad is FileMaker Go and your CallersCompanion2.USR file. Just remember which file is your "master" file. If you make entries to BOTH copies, there is no simple way to reconcile them other than manually entering data from one to the other.

1. Connect your iPad to your computer (USB cable)
2. Open iTunes on the computer
3. Click the icon for your iPad in the upper Left of theiTunes window
4. In the Settings column on the left, select "Apps"
5. On the Right side, scroll WAY down past "Apps" to "File Sharing"
6. In the "File Sharing" section, highlight FileMaker Go in the list
7. Scroll down to the end of the "File Sharing" section and click "Add"
8. Locate and select your CallersCompanion2.USR file
9. Click the "Sync" button

The file will be transferred to your iDevice and appear in the files list when you open FileMaker Go (click "Device" at the bottom of the screen rather than Recent Files or Host). In the screen shot below, I am transferring my CallersCompanion2.USR file to my iPhone.


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